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Case Studies

Accelerating the cannabis industry through a range of specalist solutions that transform the relationship between companies and their customers

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Chad Walkaden. Improving Mental Health in Cancer Survivorship: A Case Study. Gastroint Hepatol Dig Dis. 2018; 1(3): 1-2.

Read about some of the work that Chad Walkaden, OnTracka Founder, has been able to achieve for cancer patients. 


In this case study, you will see numerous examples of how the patient was able to incorporate technology into his care to improve his mental health, lifestyle & overall well-being. 

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A case study for the use of medical cannabis in generalized anxiety disorder

This case study shows you the results of a patient integrating medical cannabis into her treatment to better manage a generalized anxiety disorder and the debilitating symptoms of vertigo. 


You will see the drastic improvements made to her quality of life and argument we put forth about the need for more rigorous testing on the use of medical cannabis to support patients around the world. 

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