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1. What is the purpose of this?

In Australia, there is a growing number of patients accessing Cannabis as an option for their health. 

While these numbers are increasing, we are yet to have quality in the data to support how it can be used, how safe it is in different routes of administration, the dosing ranges for the different patients, and how effective it is for treating or managing medical conditions, diseases and mental illnesses.


2. How is Data Collected?

The Australia Medtech company, OnTracka is supplying a custom mobile application and prescribing software for this that will be used by you and your doctor to ensure your responses are collected in accordance with industry best-practices for security, compliance, patient privacy and data protection.


3. How do patients get involved?

Patients need to be eligible to receive a prescription from a doctor at Green Heart Medical. 


4. Are there ethical considerations for this?

This real-world data collection falls under the approval we have for a study called "Tracking medicinal cannabis use, health-related quality of life outcomes, and adverse events using a mobile app (OnTracka): An exploratory feasibility and usability study".

This study has ethics approval from The University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee and the date covered for this project is from 21/10/2022 to 21/10/2026.


5. What is done with the data?

The inputs collected from OnTracka will be anonymously analysed to see the effect that patients have to the medicines that they are prescribed by thier doctor. 


6. How much does it cost? 

If you are new to Green Heart Medical, the initial consultation is $90 (discounted from $120) and you will have repeats for six months. 

For your participation, you will have access to the flower medicine for $95 (discounted from $135) throughout the six months and you will have the free dispatch of your products within 24-hours.

*The incentives are based on you answering the monthly questions in your OnTracka.

7. Is my personal information shared or sold to anyone?

The technology platform OnTracka ensures best practice standards for patient privacy, security and data protection. This means we take your privacy seriously. 

We have market-leading encryption protocols, use secure servers in Australia to store the data, and strictly adhere to global data protection regulations like GDPR or HIPAA, ensuring your information is safe.

Know this. While Big Tech may not protect your privacy. For us, your privacy is everything. We are patients ourselves and know why this is important.

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