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Story of Founder in the follow up to the viral clip that was seen by over 100k+ people

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

When it comes to Medical Cannabis, we know that the majority of your physicians are still not prescribing this as a treatment for medical conditions.

We simply believe this is outdated and our strategy to change this is to utilise our inbuilt data analysis tool to gather the evidence to demonstrate how effective cannabis can be when integrated into a healthcare plan. As Founder of #OnTracka and #OnTrackaApp, I know how effective cannabis was to eliminate the side-effects from the chemotherapy that I had to put into my body on a daily basis for 24 months.

The below video will give you a reason for the passion and fuel that is driving #OnTracka and #OnTrackaApp.

Would love to hear your thoughts and or any suggestions for future blogs or videos. If you have an idea to want to reach out, please send an email to

The first video can be accessed here

To download #OnTracka and #OnTrackaApp, click here:

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