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Time-stamped recording of the flowers, oils, edibles & beverages that a patient uses along with proprietary features to accurately measure onset/titration times and the optimal dosing for each patient’s individual needs.

Customized Health Tracking

Pending registration with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for a class IIa Medical Device to mitigate regulatory and auditing risks from our credible, independent & compliant software that monitors safety standards at scale for patients.

Regulatory Compliance Software

Credible RWE capabilities purpose-built as a patient-centred research and development tool to improve patient outcomes & strengthen business intelligence

Patient-Centric R&D Tool

Decentralised research tool that uses standardised patient assessments with a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to make it easier to undertake prospective and retrospective studies direct-to-patients.

Decentralized Research Platform

Patient Companion App

Anonymously track your health journey to change a broken health system

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