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Real-World Data Study for Sleep and Anxiety

OnTracka is currently collecting real-world data as part of an ethics-approved study titled "Tracking medicinal cannabis use, health-related quality of life outcomes, and adverse events using a mobile app (OnTracka): An exploratory feasibility and usability study".

Welcome to your app

Green Heart Medical has teamed up OnTracka, an Australian Software company to provide you with an easy-to-use custom mobile application to record your progress, any safety issues, your dosing ranges, the changes that occur to your symptoms, and any effects that you have from taking the flower that you have been prescribed.

You will be guided on how to use OnTracka to participate in the real-world data collection.

If you have any questions, the OnTracka team is here to assist you and can be contacted via email on

Step 1

Download OnTracka

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Scan from your phone to download the app


Use the code

Use the code


Step 2

Signing Up to The Study

Upon downloading the app, register your account using the designated study-specific code. Complete the onboarding steps seamlessly to access the homepage

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Use the code


Step 3

Completing your research studies (Part 1)

On the homepage, you'll receive notifications indicating scheduled study questions. Opt to proceed, guiding you to promptly address them, thereby ensuring your diligent participation in the research study.


Step 4

Completing your research studies (Part 2)

On the homepage, receive notifications prompting to complete your dosing report. Select "Go" to access the Dosing Diary, where you'll receive step-by-step guidance while administering your study product. This ensures precise adherence to the research protocol,

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For any additional support or to ask questions, reach out to the Team OnTracka
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