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THC Flower for pain and anxiety

A study to understand the effectiveness of Cannabis to reduce pain and anxiety.

What are we focusing on?

Pain & Anxiety

  • 60 million people around the world is suffering from pain.

  • 264 million people around the world are suffering from anxiety.

  • Opioids are the standardised treatment for people with pain.

  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium & Klonopin) are mostly used for treatment of Anxiety

What will patients be taking in this study?

A Cannabis Flower Product will be used that is 60% Indica dominant hybrid.

What we are hoping to see?

The results of this will present preliminary findings around the effectiveness for the Cannabis Flower product in the real-world study to assist patients with their pain and anxiety

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Total Patients

6 Months


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