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Medicine into your Healthcare

Accelerating our understanding of the endless possibilities to improve your health through a data-driven well-being tool that is simply like no other

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Benchmarking the standard, safety and delivery of patient care with industry-leading technology 

After six years of research & testing, you now have an industry-leading technology that accelerates your capacity to live better for longer.

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Why Ontracka?

Isn't it time you felt your best?

Feel Better

A new way for you to take control of your health to feel your best both physically and mentally. 

Improve Safety

The first app of its kind that gives you and your doctor a safe, effective & simple way to measure and monitor the benefits of integrating CBD or other Cannabinoids into your healthcare. 

Stay On Track

One new health app that acts as a buddy for you to stay on track with your sleep, physical health, mental health, and any medications or cannabinoids.


What others are saying 

This is the app I needed! I can check my daily goals and keep of my health so easily

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