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After six years of research & testing, you now have an industry-leading white-labelled technology that collects robust real-world evidence to benchmark the standard, quality and delivery of Mental Health, Research & Cannabinoid Therapies

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Benchmarking the standard, safety and delivery of patient care with industry-leading technology 

OnTracka gives you a new way to accelerate your capacities to improve practice standards and patient-reported outcomes through a data-driven selection of software solutions that

are simply like no other

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Why OnTracka?

Isn't it time you felt your best?

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You now have an affordable way to provide your patients with market-leading technology that is delivered in your branding to improve retention and the customer experience while also acting as a data collection tool to assist your capacity to provide patient care

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The first app of its kind that gives you and your patients a safe, effective & simple way to use validated questionnaires to measure and monitor the benefits of Medications, Assisted Therapies, Cannabinoids and other emerging healthcare products. 

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Patient Care

A new well-being tool to improve patient-reported outcomes through a digital buddy for your patients to use that keeps them on track with their mental health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, medications, cannabinoids, and much more.


What users are saying 

"This is the app I needed! I can check my daily goals and keep of my health so easily"

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