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About us

At OnTracka, we are driven by a mission to discover the potential to understand how you can feel your best 

Chad Walkaden
Stage IV Cancer Survivor

Our mission started in a cancer ward

OnTracka was literally created in the cancer ward at a Sydney Hospital where Mental Health Expert, OnTracka Founder, and Product CEO, Chad Walkaden was battling through a Terminal Stage IV Cancer.
Chad is one of the lucky ones. Being faced with a terminal diagnosis as a 29-year-old forced him to dedicate his life to finding the best way to improve his chances of living better longer.

OnTracka is the end result of Chad's ongoing commitment to transcend his own health challenges by pioneering the way you use pharmaceutical medicines, cannabinoids and other forms of integrative medicine. He is a qualified forensic social worker and a mental health specialist that has been published in Discoveries Journal, the Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Digestive Disorders and was invited to speak at 26th Annual Congress into Cancer Science and Targeted Therapies. 

You can read about his unwavering commitment to be transparent about his work by clicking here

Our Timeline

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