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5 things to keep in mind before your flight post COVID

1. Write a list in your OnTracka journal or create custom travel icons to ensure you remember everything to pack before you consume your chosen product.

2. For product selection, go for an edible or an oil. Trust us, you don't want to arrive at immigration with your loose buds still in your carry-on or your pockets.

3. Also, when taking oils or edibles, it takes approximately 80 minutes to have an effect. This allows you time to strategically consume your product when you arrive at the airport to smoothly pass through security & answer questions without the glow or any possible forgetfulness that can occur when “travel dosing”.

4. For dosing, use the OnTracka dosing system to determine what is your optimal travel dose. Through our own experimenting, we don't get as high in the air, so slightly increasing our dose allows for deeper reflection, joy, and relaxation. That said, a strong edible kicking in at 30,000 feet should be considered with caution as it could trigger your anxiety.

5. If you have followed this post and used the OnTracka Dosing tool to determine your “Travel Dosing”, you could be heading on your next flight with the effects of your medicines starting to kick in just before you board your flight with a slight smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.

Understanding your experiences with Cannabis is about exploration. Use OnTracka as your companion to get the most out of your life. ___________________________________________________________________ Download OnTracka now

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