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Dosing Cannabis Through Titration: Go Low and Slow


Scientifically speaking, titration is the process of determining the minimal amount of the active component in a medicine's mixture that will give the desired results. And for medical cannabis, it's finding the right balance between the different cannabinoid (THC and CBD) components, the condition that is being treated, and your body's individual response. Chances are your medical cannabis caregiver and/or dispensary will steer you in the direction of a "more THC-dominant" or "more CBD-dominant" product, but you - the medical cannabis patient will be the best at ultimately titrating to your own unique dosage profile.

When a patient begins to titrate, it is important that they start low and go slow.

• It is also a good idea to select a specific product so that a patient is able to maintain consistency with their cannabis regimen.

• Products that are high in THC should especially be titrated slowly, especially if the patient is new to cannabis medicines.

• Using an app like OnTracka, patients can easily keep track of their dosages and use the dosing system to record onset time, duration, the effects felt, and whether or not it was a sufficient dose.

As you go through the titration process, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Consult your doctor for advice about the products and dosing to start.

• If using oil/tinctures with an eyedropper, measure by the drop, not a full squirt of the dropper since droppers can hold different amounts of liquid.

• Record what you are feeling before you take the oil. This could be using a 1-10 scale to score your anxiety, pain, stress, nausea, or whatever feels right for you.

• Use the OnTracka dosing system to time how long it takes to affect you, if it affects you at all using a small starting dose.

• Get on with your day until you either feel an effect or you get a reminder to rescore your experience.

• Give a 1-5 star rating of what this was like for you and add some personalised tags so you can easily remember what is the best dosing for you.

• Come back the next day with actual evidence about your last dose and slightly increase the doses following the steps above until you find the "sweet spot" of dosing that is right for your mind and body.

• Be aware, this process generally takes a few days of testing, and remember your goal should be to find the minimal amount of medicine for the optimal results.

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