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Everything you wanted to know about CBD skincare

CBD or cannabidiol originates from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is one of the many cannabinoids that offer therapeutic benefits. For decades, there have been numerous studies around the healing power of cannabis, and many scientists have also claimed that CBD products can provide you with a healthier gut, glowing skin and help take control over the mind.

Myth: CBD has the same effect on everyone.

Fact: We are all different from each other. That's why, like any other consumer product, CBD products also work differently on all of us. How the products work depends on our weight, genetics, lifestyle, metabolism, and most importantly, how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Myth: CBD cannot be taken in through the skin.

Fact: Believe it or not, CBD has also effectively made its way into the daily skincare regimes of many. A ton of CBD topicals like creams, body oils, salves, balms, roll-ons and gels have offered a wide range of benefits, and most of these are designed to apply directly on the skin.

Myth: CBD does not control inflammation

Fact: While CBD oil does provide target treatment to address pain, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the area of concern, reduce dryness, itching, rashes and acne. Many people also apply CBD cream orally to provide relief to swelling, joint pains and sports injuries.

Myth: Using CBD can give you a bad allergy reaction.

Fact: CBD is usually considered a safe option to use however, like any other beauty or skincare product, CBD may or may not suit a certain skin type. Moreover, one must read up on the ingredients to check if they are allergic to them. Hence, it is always advisable to do a patch test before using the product regularly.

Myth: CBD cannot help with anti-ageing and wrinkles.

Fact: Like many powerful antioxidants, many CBD oil have essential oils and vitamin E, that can help control visible signs of ageing. However, if one wants to see a stark difference, it is best to opt for a high-quality CBD oil available in the market.


CBD is all-natural, versatile and safe to use. From physical and mental healing to beauty requirements, it has the power to give you a sense of relief from several lifestyle issues that could become a hindrance to someone's life. Therefore, everyone must know the many possibilities of this ingredient and how it can change the way one thinks, lives and feels.

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