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Stuck in life - here is what to do

Part 3 - What to do when stuck in life


After creating your account, selecting

"feel better" from the card shown on the left will trigger your app assist you to start getting back on track in life through the areas that are suggested for you (you can still choose your "Custom" page to make the app yours too).

Did you know?

Our prediction is that Microdosing THC is going to play an increasingly large role in the way Cannabis Medicines are used by the general population. Click here to find out if Microdosing is for you.


This simple process has been created to capture this important information in the shortest possible time. To do this, add in the type of product or strain that you are taking, the prescribed dose, the measurement and the timing and frequency so you never forget to take it.

Expert Tip
The basis of good mental health is the formation of habits. Watch the "Foundations" video in the LEARN section of OnTracka for me more about this.

STEP THREE (Day 0 - Day 7)

The process for you to start feeling better can be seen as you taking gradual steps forward. Usually, progress is best achieved by first focusing on small steps. Where it seems that you are at with your life, it is likely that improving the quality of your sleep is a helpful starting point.

Tip : Commit to tapping the one button everyday to score the quality of your sleep for the next seven days.

STEP FOUR (Day 7 - Day 14)

After seven days of tracking your sleep, start committing to the plan of simply writing one word in your journal on a basis that could either be an affirmation in the morning or any thought and reflections that you have about he day. Remember, this can be a word so just write one word.

Expert Tip
Watch the A-TEAM video inside the LEARN page of OnTracka for information about the important of the people you have around you in your life.

STEP FIVE (Day 14 - Day 21)

As you start your third week, you are free to choose to follow the next steps in the plan that involves you choosing two icons that you will complete on a daily basis. These points could be about your foods, exercise, journalling, playing music, prayer, breathing exercises, and much more.

Tip - Look through the growing list of icons that we have and if you don't see something you are looking for, let us know and we may just surprise you by adding it. Click here to tell us your feedback or suggestions.

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#OnTracka is the first app of it's kind to regularly track the psychological & physiological impacts of Cannabis Medicine in an easy and intuitive format that presents actionable and understandable data back to the user and their doctor.

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