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Opioids transitioning to Cannabis study

The study focuses on understanding a “more safe, smart, sane approach to pain management” by supporting the replacement of opioids with cannabis-based medicines.

Study area 

Opioid dependence

What are the existing options for pain?

  • Pain 60 million People around the world.

  • Existing treatment options - Opioids are the standardised treatment for people with pain.

Who is the study for?

If you are:

  1. Taking opioids or having taken opioids in the past for pain.

  2. Taking cannabis or having taken cannabis in the past for pain

  3. Not using opioids or suffering from PTSD, but challenged by anxiety, depression, or poor quality of life

  4. Friend, family member or caregiver of someone using (or used) opioids or having PTSD.

What will patients be taking in this study?

This is an observational study interested in your real-world experiences of using opioids and cannabis-based medicines. This means that there is no specific opioid or cannabis-based medicines part of this study.

Why would you join?

This is an IRB-approved study to collect regulatory-grade data to legitimize this replacement and to make cannabis-based medicines more approachable to patients in need of pain relief as well as the general public.

The incentive for participation 

The first 50 participants in The Odyssey Registry will receive an initial $15 payment for completing the first set of questionnaires and an additional $35 payment when you complete all three of the subsequent questionnaires at three-month intervals.





3 Years


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