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Real-World Data Study for Sleep and Anxiety

OnTracka is currently collecting real-world data as part of an ethics-approved study titled "Tracking medicinal cannabis use, health-related quality of life outcomes, and adverse events using a mobile app (OnTracka): An exploratory feasibility and usability study".

Participation Requirements:

  • Participants must possess a smartphone and demonstrate the ability to perform basic to moderate tasks on the device.

  • Willingness to provide informed consent for participation in the research study.

  • Commitment to actively engage in the study activities.

  • Participation depends on the discretion and confirmation of the treating doctor at the attached clinic that you will find out more about if you pass eligibility. 

Compensation Details:

  • Participants will receive the prescribed medication for the study period for $55.

  • A free initial appointment with a Nurse to ensure eligibility for the study. 

  • A free doctor appointment for all eligible study participants.





6 Months


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