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OnTracka Founder featured in Cannabis Tech

Why does the Starbucks barista call your name when you buy a coffee? Why does your online Peloton Interactive teacher give you a shout-out on your first lesson? Why do the tech giants, including Apple & Amazon, have dedicate their mission to improve your experience in using their products and services?

Because customer experience matters if you want to succeed in big ways long-term.

Whether you want to retain a loyal customer in the recreational market, a medical patient, or to simply catch more of the curious newcomers, there is one area of your business that is most likely to determine if you can close the loop to retain the extremely valuable repeat customer.

That key area is the customer experience and at #OnTracka, we understand what medical patients and recreational customers want in the experience and our new product that launches next week (Yay) takes this to the new whole level.

Before we launch, look at the interview our Founder Chad Walkaden put together for Cannabis Tech that you can view by clicking here

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