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OnTracka FAQ's

Updated: May 21, 2021

Many of you asked for us to release this list of Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you get the most out of the industry-leading technology that is part of #OnTracka and the #OnTrackaApp.

This list will surely grow so if you have new questions, just let us know by clicking here

1. How do you start benefiting from OnTracka?

Android users can click here to download the app from the Google Play Store. Apple (iOS) users can click here to download from the Apple App Store.

2. How do you sign up?

You can use your Google or Facebook account. If you don’t have either of these or you don't feel comfortable with this, you can register using your email.

3. How is your privacy used & protected?

OnTracka is proudly protecting your privacy and personal information in accordance to the highest privacy and data protection laws around the world. To read more about this, click here for Privacy & Policy and here for Terms & Conditions

4. Is OnTracka a Medical Cannabis App?

OnTracka is the first app of its kind to regularly track the psychological & physiological impacts of cannabinoid treatments in an easy and intuitive format that presents you with actionable and understandable data to improve your capacity to monitor your health as well as give more accurate information for you to share with your doctor or healthcare provider.

5. If you don't use Cannabis, can you still use the app?

Of course, you can and you will get optimal use of this if you are facing a medical condition, taking medication or if you are a high-performer and want to leverage off our technology to help you reach your goals.

The way OnTracka does this is by giving you a total overview of your health that includes your daily activities, medications, quality of sleep, weight, mental health, symptom tracking, and more.

6. I am about to start using Cannabis, is now a good time to start using OnTracka

You will probably best the most out of OnTracka before you start taking a CBD or any other Cannabinoid as it will give you a baseline to compare how effective the cannabinoid is that you are taking. This same thinking also applies to any of your medications or vitamins.

7. Why setting reminders for your medication, Cannabinoids or vitamins is important

Do you not want to have that ask that question anymore of Have I taken my medication? If the answer is yes, we recommend you start tracking what you take through two simple clicks of a button and then the formula that we have to keep track of everything.

8. How do you set reminders to take medication, Cannabinoids, or vitamins?

When you are registering your account you will be given the option of entering your medication. You can specify the type of medication, dosage, and the time of day you take it. To save you from missing a dose you can select reminder option and you will get a notification at your desired time.

If you have already registered you can go to your medication settings by clicking the option button above your name on the home screen and selecting medication from the dropdown menu.

9. Why would you track your mood?

Setting up mood monitoring is one of the best strategies for managing your mood. It gives you a bird’s eye view of yourself by increasing your awareness of your own emotions. This leads to a greater understanding of yourself and areas you need to improve on.

Sometimes it is hard to remember how you were feeling. OnTracka gives you the tools to view your progress through your mood history. This is especially helpful when talking to your doctor or therapist.

10. How do you set notifications to track my mood?

In the last step of the registration pick a time to track your mood. You will get a notification at this time every day.

You can modify the time by clicking the options button on the home screen and selecting notifications.

We have found the most effective time for tracking is from 6 pm onwards.

11. Why are you encouraged to select daily activities?

From the latest research, we know that self-monitoring your mental health through a mobile application like OnTracka can lead to positive changes in your behavior and can also assist you to reduce symptoms that you may be experiencing while also improving your coping skills.

The selection of your activities is based on the knowledge that the simple step of selecting your goals and working through them on a daily basis can lead to greater confidence and greater desires to complete your goals.

12. How do you add your daily activities?

When logging on, you will have the option in the activities section to choose your own activities. The icons that you select are editable and easily customized by clicking Add More. You can choose any icon you wish to focus on or even make and name your own.

After you have scored your mood you can select the icons for the activities you completed during the day. The purpose of recording these together to see how different activities impact your mood.

13. How can the tracking of symptoms help you?

Through the simple process of tracking certain aspects of your health transforms the very nature of your relationship with your doctor. With more accurate tracking of key patient outcomes, your doctor has an increased capacity to accurately detect and respond to any arising concerns

14. Do you need to track all 10 areas in the tracking section?

You choose the areas that are most relevant to your life. Maybe you want to track stress and anxiety. Or you want to track your relationships, pain, and depression. Or you are using this for your performance so you want to track your fatigue, focus, and stress. This is your body. We are simply giving you the tools to help you feel your best.

15. Do you need to use OnTracka everyday?

OnTracka has been designed so you only need to spend approximately 45 seconds or the equivalent of three Instagram stories updating information about your day into OnTracka. This means that simply tapping some buttons makes it very easy for you to do on a daily basis.

However, we know that you may miss some days. That is okay and normal. We seeing using OnTracka as a habit in itself. If you miss a day, get back on track by starting the next day. You will find that overtime this becomes such an incredibly valuable tool to help you improve your health and well-being.

16. What is there a focus on activities rather than goals

We believe that the foundation of you achieving your goals is the focus on the daily activities that are required to assist you to achieve your goals. We have seen much better results from you continuously working on the necessary habits that will produce the desired goals that you have in your life.

17. What is the timeline?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to view information about your past so you can monitor your health or present actionable information to your doctor or healthcare provider. OnTracka makes this very easy by giving you an option to Record in timeline as significant event.

Clicking this option will make it very easy to see information that is important to you in one easy to access place.

18. How do you see the timeline?

Click on the history page and you will see a number of different areas that you can track, including your timeline.

Click on the timeline and you will see the collection of significant events that you have selected.

19. Can you share your progress on Instagram, Facebook or another social media platform?

Yes, we have made it easy for you to share your updates and progress with your friends in a quick, stylish and easy format that takes less than 30 seconds.

To do this, click on summary option within the history page. Select the day you want to share and tap the arrow displayed on that card.You will then see the option to share the information via email or through any of the social media channels.

20. Can you link Apple iOS Health App with OnTracka?

Yes you can. Click on the options button above your name in the Home page, then go to settings, select weight source and click Health App.

21. Can you link Fitbit with OnTracka?

Yes you can. Click on the options button above your name in the Home page, then go to settings, select weight source and click Fitbit.

You will then be prompted to connect your Fitbit with OnTracka. You may find that you need to logout of the app to then be prompted with the option that OnTracka need to access your Fitbit data.

Choose what data you want to share with OnTracka and press allow.

22. Why is your Fitbit data not connecting with OnTracka?

Click on the options button above your name in the Home page, then go to settings, select weight source and click Fitbit.

You will then be prompted to connect your Fitbit with OnTracka. You may find that you need to logout of the app to then be prompted with the option that OnTracka need to access your Fitbit data.

Choose what data you want to share with OnTracka and press allow and then come back to OnTracka to see the information about your steps come over.

23. How secure is your data?

We take data privacy very seriously. OnTracka uses state of the art encryption methods to safeguard your data from loss or misuse. We do not share data with Google or Facebook, even if you use their services to log in.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions for more information.

24. How can you contact us?

You can contact us if you have questions, suggestions or just want to say thanks.

If you want more direct access, why don't you contact Chad, our founder directly though WhatsApp on +61466119293.

The only question now is Are you ready to get OnTracka?

For iphone click here

For Android click here

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