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Clinical Trials

Opioids transitioning to Cannabis study

The study focuses on understanding a “more safe, smart, sane approach to pain management” by supporting the replacement of opioids with cannabis-based medicines.

Retrospective study on anonymous data collected in OnTracka

Researchers from the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy have designed a study to explore those who are currently using the OnTracka app for medicinal cannabis purposes.

Endometriosis study

Endometriosis is a complex condition that needs more research to ensure that patients have data on possible preventative options, treatment options, and improved management strategies.

Prospective phase 2 clinical trail on Tourette's Syndrome

This study is focusing on Tourette's Syndrome using medicines that are aligned with OnTracka's core focus for completing clinical trials.

THC Flower for pain and anxiety

A study to understand the effectiveness of Cannabis to reduce pain and anxiety.

Clean & Sober Study

A pilot to understand the effectiveness of the Clean & Sober System powered by OnTracka to enhance patient management in rehabilitation facilities.

Ayahuasca for Mental Health

This study is focusing on patients using Ayahuasca and the impact on their mental health and psychological well-being.

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