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Five mental health tips for you to better manage the uncertainty with Covoid19

Some of you will be reading this from a city that is easing social distancing restrictions and now entering a transition of what this new type of normal is going to be for us. To others, like me, you are in a city that is still in the midst of uncertainty and these points will be of more significance. In this article, you will be given five mental health tips that will have a positive difference in your life and those around you.

1. What you are feeling is normal

Double-digit unemployment, instability across the global markets and much more means that we are living through one of the most disastrous "black swans" that has been faced in the last 100 years. As you have heard me say before, "this is our thing that we are living through at the moment". This means that there is change for all of us and that is it very normal and expected to express a wide-range of different emotions, particularly if your health & security has been or is at-risk of being jeopardised.

Tip: You are not alone & what you are feeling is normal.

2. What can be your purpose throughout Covoid19?

In times of crisis, coming back to a defined purpose is the single most important thing that will determine your survival. The application of this to your life means that you must review your goals & strategy to ensure that you are living in accordance to guiding principles that are connected to your values.

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"In times of crisis, coming back to a defined purpose is the single most important thing that will determine your survival"

3. Stress is here. You can't avoid it. But can limit the impact on you.

Is it exercise, meditation, kicking a ball around with your kids or starting cold showers. Whatever it is, you must have a way to recycle your stress on a daily basis so that you can healthy outlets to channel the stress that is bound to build-up.

"Thinking about your mental health as hygiene is a must"

4. Your family is a priority

Taking a step back from the stress, pressure and challenges is important to ensure that can actually be present for the time you spend with your family. This can involve blocks of time away from the phone, intentional fun games or family activities to give you some spark and energy.

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5. Mental health hygiene is a must

Throughout the following months, thinking about your mental health as hygiene is a must. At the core of good mental health hygiene is good sleep, exercise, meditation and quality nutrition. These are four things that will can build better habits around to ensure you have the focus to do your best when you are at work.

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