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How the team at OnTracka is using cannabis to tackle the Mental Health epidemic

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

More and more, you are seeing a mental health epidemic spread throughout your community. This impact, which was once invisible, it now evident in schools, the workplace, family life and even taking the lives of your idols through suicide.

Founder of OnTracka is Chad Walkaden, Mental Health Specialist & three-time Cancer Survivor

Despite the vast array of mental health awareness campaigns, we have not been effective at reaching the community with the appropriate tools and the digital solutions that will help you counter the impact of mental illnesses through a rebuilding of your self-efficacy and self-determination.

At OnTracka we believe that we part of the solution to change this and we are doing it in a revolutionary way that gives you free mental health support through the creation of partnerships with leading companies in the cannabis industry. 

Why we did this

We know that if you are integrating cannabis into you medical treatment, then it is likely that you also have unmet social, emotional and psychological needs that result from overstretched health systems not being able to and not yet knowing how to provide you with the type of services that will support you when facing a range of medical conditions and mental illnesses. 

To make it clear, we are not against conventional medicine but rather firmly in favour of supporting you to be able to safely integrate medical cannabis and other forms of alternative and complementary medicine into your standard treatment for medical conditions and mental illnesses. 

How we do this

One of the key ways we are driving the charge is through the option to access the world first's medical cannabis application that gives a free professional counselling program and a free digital care plan that leverages our unique technology to empower you with your personal health data to enable you to give accurate information to your psychiatrist, oncologist or general practitioner about the changes that you have made since integrating medical cannabis and the OnTracka App into your life. 

Additionally, another way we are changing the current landscape for people facing challenges with their mental health is through a key lesson learned from the Men's Mental Health Charity, The Movember Foundation. One of Movember 's strategies is to take services to the place where Men require it. For them, this means Barbershops and other places in the community where "Men" visit. For us, we interpreted this to mean that it was essential to have expert mental health services accessible directly on your phone so that you could have confidential and private professional support at whatever time you want and wherever you are located across the United States of America. 

We are excited that you are coming on this journey with us and you will be finding out much more over the coming weeks. 

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Chad Walkaden

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To download #OnTracka and the #OnTrackaApp, click here:

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