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Troubleshooting OnTracka - Are you stuck in life due to Anxiety

Updated: May 17, 2021

Part one - Setting up your app for different medical conditions


After creating your account, selecting Anxiety from the card as shown in the picture to the left will trigger your app to be tailored to assisting you to better start managing your anxiety.


Did you know?

Scientific evidence is showing that cannabis is expected to relieve tension and help young females relax. Read more here



During your onboarding process, you are going to be asked to add selected activities. Think of these icons as modern-post it notes that you want to complete daily to assist you to better manage your anxiety.

Expert Tip
Create an icon for breathing exercises and then explore the learn page for the evidence-based information and tools that are aimed at assisting you to better manage your anxiety.



If you need guidance, seeing how to set up your cannabis medicines, either click here to see part two in this troubleshooting series or click here to watch a video that will guide you to have your Cannabis Medicine ready to track inside your new app!



The learn section is a free resource for you to access professional support inside of the app 24/7. As you will see, there is a significant focus on giving you a range of tools (see adjacent picture) that aim to give you practical strategies.



In the tracking page, you will see the anxiety scale (look at picture below) where you have numbers along a scale of 1-10.

When you look at the below image, you will notice that one side is to be selected at times when you don't have anxiety and then other side of the scale shows when you have severe anxiety.

If you want to trial it now, simply choose the number that feels right for you along the scale and select the number.

Expert tip
The best way to accurately determine what is working for you is by using the above anxiety on a daily basis as it presents a very clear pattern about your anxiety, the times it is more severe and importantly what is best to reduce your anxiety.


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#OnTracka is the first app of it's kind to regularly track the psychological & physiological impacts of Cannabis Medicine in an easy and intuitive format that presents actionable and understandable data back to the user and their doctor.

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