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Our Products

After six years of Research & Development, OnTracka has benchmarked a new standard in providing patient-centred clinical trials

Patient Companion App

Easy to use mobile application assisting patients to manage their health, dosing, medications, lifestyle, and more.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Purpose-built secure cloud software or optional API integrations to enable remote monitoring of patient progress, dosing, medications, and more.

Clinical Trials & RWE Studies

A research tool with hybrid clinical trials capturing PRO, ObsRO, and PerfO measures for decentralized studies.

Insights & Reporting

Drive a new standard for patient and customer care through a digital data-driven approach to transforming your business.


Connecting patients and doctors, bringing healthcare closer to you by bridging the gap and putting it at your fingertips.

Without credible data and clinical research to evidence the safety & efficacy of these complex medicines, there is a total of over one billion people that will continue to not have access to Cannabis & Psychedelic Medicines as a means of preventing, treating and managing disease, mental health challenges and substance misuse disorders.
Chad Walkaden

Founder & Product CEO

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