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Adding Cannabis Medicines in OnTracka

Updated: May 17, 2021

Part two - Adding THC, CBD or any other Cannabis Medicine


Once arriving at your homepage, click the "Add" button on the Cannabis Medicine card.

Did you know?
By tracking your progress, your doctor is likely to have an increased capacity to detect patterns and respond to any arising concerns. Read more about this here



This simple process has been created to capture this important information in the shortest possible time. To do this, add in the type of product or strain that you are taking, the prescribed dose, the measurement and the timing and frequency so you never forget to take it.

Expert Tip
Safety is an essential part in starting a Cannabis Medicine. A now popularised phrase "start low and go slow" could be a helpful reminder when thinking about your consumption.



If you need guidance on how to log your cannabis medicines, click here to see OnTracka Founder, Chad Walkaden talking to you through the process with an easy to follow video so you can start tracking your daily Cannabis Medicine and never being in that situation when you are trying to remember if you have had your medicine or not.



By tracking your Cannabis Medicine, you are free to have the choice of also tracking things like pain, stress, depression or more and then clicking on your history page to see if your Cannabis Medicine is effective for your health or if you require some changes to optimise the desired outcome.

Expert tip
Track on a daily basis for 21 days without looking back at your history to see what you have previously tracked and then look at the graphs to measure your progress.



Tolerance breaks may be something you want to explore to reset your Cannabinoid receptors. Our friends at Honahlee have a really good article on this that you can read here.

To start a tolerance break, simply switch the tolerance break button to on and this will automatically be recorded as a tolerance day break that will be stored in your history and displayed on the portal for your doctor, if they have it.

If you don't know what the portal (deigned for you doctor) is yet, click here to watch a quirky and informative 40 second animated video about The Portal by OnTracka.

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#OnTracka is the first app of its kind to regularly track the psychological & physiological impacts of Cannabis Medicine in an easy and intuitive format that presents actionable and understandable data back to the user and their doctor.

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