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Cannabis Talking Points for Christmas

It’s the holiday season, and for many of us, that means spending time with family. The question is though, what happens if you want to use your tincture, replace alcohol with a cannabis beverage or simply roll one up to burn down the goodness.

One of the challenges with the above is that while the majority of the public are now in favor of the legalization of cannabis for medical reasons, it's not unanimous, and you may be faced with someone that shares the bloodline with a prohibitionist who will cluelessly yell about how legalizing all this goddamn dope will unleash multiple post-apocalyptic end-of-days scenarios.

So, to help you out, when the topic may come up, here are a few humble suggestions in making your case for cannabis with your prohibitionist family members or friends. Oh, and start by always using the term "cannabis" in place of "marijuana,". The first step to changing the place of Cannabis in our communities is by focusing on language, and the racist origins of the word "marijuana" are well documented. Phase it out whenever possible.

Your data is powerful This is one of the times to be grateful because OnTracka arms you with compelling and data-driven talking points that show the improvements to your sleep, mental health, symptom management, and your quality of life.

Tip - Anecdotal evidence about what you have heard is helpful but with OnTracka you now have a tool to clearly outline the benefits you have had with Cannabis.

Cannabis is a medicine

There is increasing research about the use of Cannabis for supporting cancer patients with side-effects of their treatment, the assistance in reducing the volume of seizures for people with Epilepsy and the general use it has to help people like you to feel better about your life.

Cannabis = Jobs

Talking point: Communities are stronger and safer when more of its residents are employed and the Despite unemployment and a temporary economic recession in 2020 fueled by the pandemic, the industry added over 77,000 jobs across the sector and there are now 321,000 American working in the legal cannabis industry. This is evidence that Cannabis has a powerful role in shaping many areas of our communities.

Cannabis reduces alcohol use

Talking point: The health risks associated with cannabis use are far fewer and less severe than those of alcohol use, and there are other associated benefits for public health and safety.

Cannabis is our best bet against opioids

Talking point: We don't want people in the hospital or dying from opioids, and cannabis can really help with those things.

Remember, we don't always know what is happening or has happened for others so engaging in a way that advocates for the identity of someone that takes Cannabis is the surest thing to accelerate changes around the world.

Be a Cannabis Ambassador by tracking your journey with OnTracka to change a broken and outdated health system


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